Medical Records, Reports and Technology

MAR and eMAR

Surety Pro Pharmacy understands that documentation is an individual choice, not a "one size fits all" ultimatum. We offer multiple Electronic Charting System options so we can adapt to the systems that you prefer. Surety Pro can provide color-coded paper MAR sheets with drug photos for easy identification, and we can work with most eMAR systems.

Our detail-oriented medical record specialists strive to create accurate, easy-to-read recording tools. These include Physician Order sheets, Medication Administration Records, Treatment Administration Records, Antipsychotic Records, Flow Sheets and much more.

Record Keeping

Our innovative system gives your team the ability to customize your facility’s medical records to best meet your specific needs, including the option to print pictures of the medications on your MARs.

New Admissions

The admission process can be as stressful for the nursing staff as it is for the new resident. Let your nurse focus on the resident; we will focus on the medications. Surety Pro Pharmacy will automatically print MARs for all new admissions and deliver them with the medications the same day.


Creative, Organized and Customizable.

If your community doesn’t currently have an eMAR system in place, you can still connect electronically with us.

Surety Pro Pharmacy uses QS/1 WebConnect, an easy-to-use tool that connects the pharmacy and facility, providing web access to pharmacy information right from the nurses' stations. WebConnect saves time, increases efficiency and productivity, and enhances customer service through sharing of information. Security is ensured with a facility-specific login and password.

Surety Pro Pharmacy's WebConnect provides easy-to-use, direct pharmacy connectivity with our long-term care facilities through a secure electronic link. Your staff can message the pharmacy, refill prescriptions and add or update patient information. You can also print refill reports, med sheets, forms and delivery sheets all electronically. Nursing staff can also check for food and drug interactions. Only authorized personnel can access sensitive patient information so privacy is maintained. You'll find convenience, privacy, and a wealth of information to help you manage resident care.

As the long-term care environment becomes increasingly complex, technology is playing an increasing role in meeting the needs of your residents. Surety Pro Pharmacy also supports its facilities with the ability to interface its pharmacy system with a variety of leading eMAR applications. This interface with your eMAR system helps decrease medication errors, saves nursing time, and provides an overall increase in quality of care.

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